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Clinical Services Research Council 2016-2017
Clinical Services Research Council 2016-2017

INIR's Journey to Research

We’re walking to raise funds for the new Institute for Nursing and Interprofessional Research (INIR), which will provide the support necessary to foster innovative, interdisciplinary research by our expert nurses and clinical care specialists.

Your donation will help collaborative clinical care research teams make treatments safer and more effective, improve the quality of life for patients and families in and out of the hospital, and reduce the cost of care.

As a Research Nurse Scientist here at CHLA, I have the privilege to work closely with clinicians who are dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients and families and who have burning clinical questions in need of rigorous investigation. I serve as a resource for these clinicians, offering education and mentorship as they develop research questions, design study protocols, collect and analyze data, and disseminate findings to internal and external audiences.

This year, I’ve been working with colleagues from a variety of disciplines to foster research literacy and to increase the number and quality of studies being conducted across the institution. Some highlights of our work:

  • Development and administration of a research education needs assessment survey to identify top research-related educational needs
  • Implementation of a Chaplaincy Research Literacy curriculum, a 13-week course designed to introduce chaplains and chaplain trainees to basic research topics
  • Initiation of a bimonthly Nursing Research Works-in-Progress session, providing a forum for current researchers to share their work and receive feedback from peers with clinical and methodological expertise

I am in awe of the passion and commitment to inquiry that these clinicians demonstrate. I know that as an organization, we have the capacity and the drive to create research that revolutionizes care delivery for patients and families, both here in the greater Los Angeles area and around the world. I hope you’ll consider supporting INIR, knowing that your donation will help to make this work possible.

Warm regards,

Jenni Baird

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