Walk and Play L.A. 2018

Team Paws for a Cause earns Kudos from CHLA
Team Paws for a Cause earns Kudos from CHLA

Paws for a Cause

Welcome to our Team’s Walk and Play L.A. page!  In support of the mission of CHLA, team Paws for a Cause is raising money to fund the incredible Dog Therapy Program that supports tens of thousands of patients, family members, and hard-working staff every year.

More children receive care from CHLA than any other hospital in the region—and often CHLA comes to the rescue for children when other hospitals run out of medical options for their care. In addition to providing world-class medical care, CHLA prioritizes family-centric care and a child-friendly hospital experience. The Dog Therapy Program is a big part of this effort.

Dog therapy visits make the hospital a more welcoming, less frightening environment. They offer emotional and social support. And there are documented physical benefits too. Research shows that dog visits can help to lower blood pressure, decrease levels of stress hormones, calm heart and respiratory rates, increase mood-boosting endorphins, and profoundly affect a patient's experience with pain. Perhaps even more importantly, dog therapy provides the opportunity for happy moments and positive memories during what is often a difficult time.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Join our team at Walk and Play L.A. and create your own fundraising page
  • Donate to a team member using the list at the right and help us reach our fundraising goal.

We hope you’ll join us at the walk and help support our fundraising efforts with a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.   All donations to team Paws for a Cause go directly to the Dog Therapy Program, to provide education, testing and training of therapy dogs as well as supplies like hand sanitizer, uniforms, and keepsake trading cards.  The program is entirely donor-funded.  


We appreciate your charitable gift in any amount. 


Thank you!

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