Walk and Play L.A. 2019

Miracle Mila

Welcome to MIRACLE MILA's Walk and Play L.A. page! We are excited to be part of the annual Walk and Play L.A. in support of the mission of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. CHLA has done so much for our family and we will forever be grateful.

In January of 2017, the best and the worst of our dreams came true. Our beautiful baby, Mila, who we have waited so long for was born. Unfortunately, before either one of us could see her, touch her, or even hold her, she was taken away by a team of doctors that were standing by.

We had complications at birth and she wasn't breathing when she was born. Within the first 24 hours of her life, our baby girl was transported to 3 different hospitals, each one doing all that they could for her. She finally ended up at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, her last chance, where they saved her life.

We never imagined the first days of our baby's life would be met with signing endless consent forms, making life saving decisions, and just plain hoping for one more day. We met with so many doctors, surgeons and specialists. They gave us a 90% chance that she would "not" survive.

We stayed by her bedside every day and slept at the hospital next to her every night, not knowing how much longer we had with her. We only met her a few hours ago. But we knew we couldn't say good bye.

She ended up needing a life saving surgery called ECMO. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, was the only hospital in the area that could do this procedure. And it was the last thing that they could do for her.

CHLA saved our baby girl's life and we cannot thank them enough. Not only were the doctors and nurses skilled and knowledgeable, but they were loving and kind. They were sympathetic to our situation. The work that they do is not just extraordinary - they make miracles happen.

We waited so long for our little girl. And now, because of Children's Hospital, she will be able to grow up and accomplish all the things in life she was meant to do. We will be forever grateful that we got to take our baby girl home with us.

It was truly a miracle.

Sharing Mila's story is important. Without Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Mila would not be here with us. More children receive care from CHLA than any other hospital in the region—and often CHLA comes to the rescue for children when other hospitals run out of medical options for their care.

Walk and Play L.A. supports the only hospital dedicated solely to the health of children in Los Angeles.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Donate to our page to help us reach our fundraising goal.
  • Join our team at Walk and Play L.A. and create your own fundraising page.

We hope you’ll join us at the walk and help support our fundraising efforts with a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Your charitable gift will make a difference in the lives of many young patients and their families. Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated and will help us create hope and build healthier futures for the families of Southern California and beyond.

Thank you!
Michael, Lan & Mila

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