2021 Walk and Play L.A.

Station 97

I'm Lalia Susini and I'm a patient at CHLA's rehab center.  I was in an accident on October 22nd and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and a stroke. With a stroke comes paralysis sometimes, and that's just what happened to the left side of my body.  When I arrived at CHLA I did not have any feeling or movement in my left side and not much hope due to the severity of my accident.  The doctors and nurses didn't let that stop them from having hope that I would walk one day.  Not only am I walking, but I'm doing TikToks again! I am excited to be part of the fifth annual Walk and Play L.A. in support of the mission of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

My team is Station 97 because I HAD to make it to the hospital in order to survive my accident.  Paramedic Perez and the firefighters at Los Angeles Fire Department's Station 97 got me in to the operating room in the knick of time. I'm celebrating Station 97 and all the first responders who get their patients to hospitals in order to start their roads to recovery!

More children receive care from CHLA than any other hospital in the region—and often CHLA comes to the rescue for children when other hospitals run out of medical options for their care. Walk and Play L.A. supports the only hospital solely dedicated to the health of children in Los Angeles. 

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Donate to my Page to help me reach my fundraising goal.
  • Join us and create your own fundraising page for Walk and Play L.A.!

I hope you'll join me and help support my fundraising efforts with a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of many young patients and their families. Any amount, great or small, will be greatly appreciated and will help us create hope and build healthier futures for the children in our care.

Thank you!

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Station 97


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